Kettlebell workout routines

Kettlebell workout routines are one of the if not the best ways to workout. A simple workout that consists of just kettlebell swings Kettlebell workout routinesand Turkish get ups [TGU’s] is enough to sky rocket your heart rate a boost your metabolism. Add into that the fact you use almost all major and minor muscle groups in a single session; it’s becomes virtually impossible to find another exercise regime that even comes close to doing kettlebells…

Kettle bells are very cost effective at around a couple of quid a KG, are so incredibly versatile that you can do them anywhere, so its easy to see why kettle bell training is the choice piece of gym equipment among professionals and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Kettlebell workouts also boast the unique benefit of burning more calories a minute than any other form of exercise. A good 20 minute session is enough to burn 400 calories, so there is no excuse that you haven’t got the time to train anymore. Plus it’s great if weight loss is your goal because they are a fat loss super tool. Whatever your level of fitness this age old training method will only benefit you if used regularly.

Burn fat, tone up, improve cardiovascular fitness… it’s all possible with kettlebells.

Feel free to read through some of our regular workouts at the top of the page. There are some for beginners and others for the fittest out there… Be sure to check back for our free videos that will be getting added regularly.

How to Start Kettlebell Training

Its a good idea to start of by learning the Kettle bell swing and the Turkish Get Up . These are the foundations for all KBladyother exercises when using the kettle bell.

Once mastered which doesn’t take very long, you can move on to the other exercises. Also this allows the body to adjust to this new dimension of training. This is very important because overexertion could result in injuries.

On average for men beginning kettle bells 12 kg or 16 kg kettlebells are normally adequate, 6 kg up to 10 kg for women. Other weights will or can be incorporated later.

Once you get to the stage of using the 20 + kg range of kettlebells the weights increase in 4 kg instead of 2 kg.

Get accustomed to proper technique and being able to complete a 20 minute workout before increasing weight.

Kettle bell exercises are perfect very for someone that needs to work on their core as they are continuously working this area during use.

Simple Kettlebell Workout

One of the most simple kettlebell workout routines is just using the swing and around the body pass. Basically start the around the body pass for 30 seconds and then swing all out for 30 seconds for 10 minutes… sounds easy? Dream on, the fittest of to fit are left gasping after this and it’s an amazing fat loss burner as well as the cardiovascular conditioning.

Kettle bell workout routines are so versatile you can literally fit them in anywhere and many people say how addictive this form of exercise is. There is something so raw and natural about kettlebells. All in all, Kettlebell training is without doubt one of the best forms of all over body workouts available today, in fact in all honesty probably the best.

The kettle bell truly gives you the chance of Maximum results in minimum time. Even if you can only manage to fit in a couple of training sessions a week, kettlebell workout routines will give you the biggest benefits in the quickest possible time. You can go to our kettlebell workouts using the navigation above.

Everybody is getting into Kettlebells It seems the western world has become obsessed with what you should and shouldn’t do with your body. With the current lifestyle changes, we are witnessing a society full of obese and unfit individuals, and this trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

But is there any way someone can get the benefits of a full workout in 20 minutes so even the super busy [or lazy] can kettlebell classesbenefit from regular exercise… Irrespective of ones current size, weight or fitness level, Kettlebell workout routines have been proven to work doing exactly that, maximum fitness and weight loss benefits in minimal time .

So what are kettle bells? A kettlebell is basically a cannonball shape weight that has a handle at the top. This unique design enables the user to create an effective all over body workout that burns more calories per minute [20] than any other conditioning exercise or workout available today.

These Kettle bell workouts are perfect for Cardio, strength, core and conditioning without the hammering of your joints more traditional exercises cause; not to mention the amazing fat loss benefits a kettle bell can give you. Kettle bells comprise of different sizes that normally increase in increments of 2 kg Enabling most people to find an optimum weight. This enables those that are quite big or particularly small to adopt them without fear of being injured in the course of the exercise.

Kettlebell training UFCKettlebell training is fun and highly addictive, great for cardiovascular fitness, responsible for unrivaled physiques and strength to the core that most UFC fighters only wish for…

That’s why the kettle bell is becoming the choice fitness apparatus for the most diverse range of individuals including stay at home moms, gyms, and professional athletes.

Another benefit is you can have the most amazing workout on your own so no more relying on friends, personal trainers or gym memberships; and you wont break the bank to get started, with a 16kg kettlebell delivered to your door for under £30. Also if you find motivation is an issue in your fitness quest don’t fret, a quick 10 minute blast can give you a calorie burn of up to 200 and to be honest its over before you know it.

If however you’re far fitter than your average gym goer you can only gain an unfair advantage over any competition by doing kettlebells; not only do they strengthen all the major muscles you’ve ever heard of they strengthen most of the ones you haven’t, this can help give you that little bit more just as you need it.

Testing your Fitness Levels

Its also very encouraging to find out how fit you are getting by doing kettle bell workout routines, this can be done by a simple snatch test. Simply count how many snatch repetitions you can do in five minutes? You can change hands as often as you like and even set the KB down and rest if need be but you only get 5 mins thats it. Try doing it once every couple of weeks. Alternatively do the test doing the Turkish Get UP [that’s my favorite] you can again change arms/sides as often as you wish but its a strict 5 minutes only.

Kettlebells may not be the holy grail of the fitness world because only you can make the decision to go and get one and start training but they’re probably the closest thing to you’re actually going to get to it in all reality. Seriously, this 500 year old Russian secret really can be the answer to your expanding waistline and breathlessness after climbing the stairs at home? Many of the world’s best personal trainers are now turning to the kettlebell as their weapon of choice in the age old battle of the fat.

Popular in gyms all over Russia, Kettle bell workout routines are now making their way west to become the keystone of exciting & explosive primal workouts for nuking the flab at a rate not seen with traditional methods.

Read on and I’ll show you how a ball of cast-iron can get your fitness levels up and fat gut down by using 3 times a week for 20mins… So what is it exactly that makes the kettle bell such a useful piece of equipment in the battle against the bulge?

Dynamic and explosive movements will always be better for overall fitness and calorie burn than steady rate cardio and also its much more fun than jogging on a treadmill for hours on end, this of course helps keep you motivated and make it easier to keep at.

The explosive nature of a kettlebell swing for example requires the muscles in the legs, chest, shoulders, back, arms and Muscles used doing kettlebellsof course the core/abs to keep your body stable. This large recruitment of muscle fibers throughout the body not only help develop a strong physique but the calorie demands will lead to a massive increase in fat loss, leaving you stronger and leaner!

An added benefit for guys is The high intensity put on the body by a tough kettle bell workout leads to high levels of natural testosterone being released from the muscle fibres which puts the body in a much more anabolic state than jogging or stationary bike workouts ever could.

Your body has to work very hard to stay stable and in the right posture when using a kettle bell in a way not required with traditional dumbbells or barbells so it has to recruit extra small muscles {you probably didn’t realise you had] to help out leading to even greater hormonal and calorie burn benefits.

This anabolic state you reach is great for fat loss and keeps your metabolism ticking along at a strong high pace. Unlike barbells or most cardiovascular equipment they are very easy to transport making any place a potential workout zone, the local park, your own garden, on the beach.

Also being more convenient than having to go to a gym if you are rushed with work, children, partners etc. The unique versatility also makes the kettle bell perfect for a whole body high intensity interval or HIIT training session which has long been known to have great fat loss benefits.

A 20 minute continuous movement workout with one of these Soviet wonders will leave you gasping for air, totally charged and feeling fantastic. Lean muscle gains from the explosive workout will also raise your resting metabolism meaning you would be dropping weight long after your routine is finished for the day.

So having now seen some of the amazing fat burning and fitness benefits of a kettle bell workout don’t procrastinate, take action, order a kettlebell and use some off my free beginner workouts to get started.

Kettlebells Fat Loss

Kettlebell workout routines have become the choice training method for many pro athletes, teams and home fitness fans for the simple reason that kettle bell training gets results. Moreover, you can complete a full body workout in around 20 minutes and it combines a...

Kettlebell Workouts

Kettlebell Workouts