Kettlebell workout routines

Kettlebell workout routines are one of the if not the best ways to workout. A simple workout that consists of just swings and Turkish get ups [TGU’s] is enough to sky rocket your heart rate a boost your metabolism, add into that the fact you use almost all major and minor muscle groups it’s becomes virtually impossible to find another exercise regime that even comes close…

Kettle bells are very cost effective at around a couple of quid a KG, so versatile that you can do them anywhere, its easy to see why kettle bell training is the choice piece of gym equipment among professionals and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Kettlebell workouts also boast the unique benefit of burning more calories a minute than any other form of exercise; it’s because of this that a good 2o minute session is enough to burn 400 calories, so there is no excuse that you haven’t got the time to train anymore. Plus it’s great if weight loss is your goal.

Whatever your level of fitness this age old training method will only benefit your health if used regularly. Burn fat, tone up, ultimate cardiovascular fitness, it’s all possible with kettlebells. Feel free to read some of our regular workouts, there are some for beginners and others for the fittest out there… Be sure to check back for our free videos that will be getting added regularly.


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